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At map Morgan, every last stage of the map has one of the 4 starting units as boss, is it From what I've read and heard, the starting you units: Vargas, Selena, Eze, even heard of people getting Atro from the Special Dungeon at Lv.2 and up.
Ice Goddess Selena. Leaches life at < 50% HP; Cocytus Zero - AoE attack; If Lucina is defeated before her. "Lucina, no! How could you?" - Atk buff for 2 turns.
24 Nov 2014 Summoners! The talented swordswoman Selena awaits you in her Dungeon, Heroine of Sama! It will be available in the Vortex : starting NOW
Units| Types| Leveling| Groups 1-100 Selena| 100-200| 200-300| 300-400| 400-500| 500-600
10 Nov 2014 Oh hey this wasnt as late as Eze's dungeon :p This guide is to inform you of what to expect when doing Selena's Dungeon in the Crusade of the
12 Nov 2014
Ice Goddess Selena can use Brave Burst once per round. Ice Goddess Selena heals for 100% of the damage she deals. As such, try to bring lightning element
9 Nov 2014 [Warning:](/tg) [Grand Gaia Chronicle dungeons are very difficult. Proper preparation is advised or risk failure.](/gt) Selena is one of the 6
10 Nov 2014
13 Nov 2014