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This guide is brought to you by some of the hard working folks that helped out on TC-Bria and the continuing efforts of the Creature Handler Community. Special thanks to -. Kalano; Aiakos; Red-Dwarf; Psychopyro80; greywheel; Vertexon; Others that put up with the Su'fan twins' wonkiness
Well First you're going to need 6000 credits to pay for the Novice Creature Handling skill. I'm sure you've already collected this much after all the work getting here though, so where is this trainer then huh? Well if you're on Naboo you can go to Kaadara Hotel and there is a Creature Handler trainer there. Just look for the
23 May 2005 Here is my guide to Creature Handling I wrote sometime when I played SWG. Figure I would post it to contribute to the site, A Guide to Creature Handling -Kaeus Darkstride, Ahazi Server Required Skills --------------- To get Novice Creature Handler, you first must get Hunting IV and Exploration IV.This takes
15 Dec 2003 In order to tame creatures and make them your pets, you'll need to earn at least the Novice Creature Handler skill. The prerequisites for Novice Creature Handler are Exploration IV and Hunting IV (both in the Scout profession). Both the Hunting and Exploration disciplines require Scout XP (as does the
Welcome to the world of the great natural scientists of SWG: The Creature Handler! This
There seems to be a pretty glaring lack of creature art in the Unnatural Entities section of the Handler's Guide. I count 10 of the 33 creature
23 Feb 2005 They were able to create pets with a CL of 1. They exist in various forms and HAMs. It is debatable whether they are an exploit or not and may be removed from game eventually. Message Edited by Joker9125 on 03-03-2005 05:03 PM. Clicky To My Sticky · A Creature Handlers Guide To PvP. Velitham MCH.
Hey guys, I just got to novice CH and caught my first pet. I trained it all the commands I could, and I've learned that pets cannot be used to
So a wrix for example I found at CL levels 8-11, but all still tamable from the same skill set (novice creature handler). Listed below are the planet, followed by the creature level (level you can tame, ie "max level pets"), name of creature, and the experience you get for taming / training. If there are no numbers
12 Dec 2015 There is a certain level of shame having to ask this as an experienced Ranger but: where can i get Nabooian domestic milk from? The only advice that Mr. Google had for me is to look for Motley Kaduu's or Gungan Falumpasets. Are these in the current version of the emulator? And while we are at it, how